Grid definition of the Discrete Global Grid (DGG) used for the creation of the CCI soil moisture products and the Copernicus Climate Change Service products.


The DGG is a regular 0.25 degree grid utilizing cell partitioning.


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 2.5.11. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see

Loading and using the smecv grid

The smecv_grid package contains the global quarter degree (0.25x0.25 DEG) grid definition, used for organising the ESA CCI SM and C3S SM data products. It contains masks for land points (default) and dense vegetation. Grid points are arranged in 5x5 degree cells with 400 grid points per cell.


For more information on grid definitions, and the usage of grids,we refer to the pygeogrids package in the background.

Loading the grid

For loading the grid, simply run the following code. Then use it as described in pygeogrids

from smecv_grid.grid import SMECV_Grid_v042
land_grid = SMECV_Grid_v042(subset_flag='land')
rainforest_grid = SMECV_Grid_v024(subset_flag='rainforest')

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